Modify SQL tables from Excel spreadsheet


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After setting up the connection string, you can list table of tables, then double-click a table name to create sheet for that table and modify, add or delete any row

Jun 2015
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This version has ability to fix connection if needed (same that found in another tool I created, called Conny), along with a more stable and some bugs fixed

This release have the ability to list all tables, then once that table has its own associated sheet created, user can modify any field, and upload changes.
Assuming that user in DB have read/write privilage.

Just like PowerPivot, TaShee, Lets you manage your SQL tables in Microsoft Excel
After you connect to a database in MSSQL server (SQL 10 is used, Server=SQLNCLI10), you can manage any table in that database and add, update, delete any set of rows.
This was part of my tool to manage my current website (ANmars.com) I have been using it for more than 4 months now and trying to update it as I can.

Watch the video for instructions on how to change settings for table and database as well as how to access sheets D and Template, where you can modify hidden settings, if you feel you need to.

  • Table should be already exists in Database
  • Table should have first col as primary unique key (called ID)

TaShee3 will fix the DB connection by installing the needed SQL Native Client (included in the zip), user may also download this client from links provided in the tool. And of course user will be able to change these settings, it is not me if I do not allow some space for customizations.

After playing for a while with SQL queries within Excel, it looks like we will need a small tool like this to ensure that client PC is able to run these queries from EXCEL and VBA, this was actually a small part of a larger project that I am preparing, and this part instantly used in two more projects.