Customized quiz in Powerpoint VBA

Feb 2001
Internal ID:
PF354 (type1)
Big complete systems
VBA - PowerPoint
Powerpoint macros or VBA
My first PowerPoint VBA project back in 2001 (PowerPoint 2000), It simply reads an inf file 'File1.ini' that should have 10 questions with their answers.
It runs a test with these 10 questions in random order and list the answers in random order too.
The list of questions hould be in this format:
Question body|Correct answer|non correct answer|non correct answer|

Quiz can be customized as follows:
  • Edit the file File1.ini found in same folder as program using text editor, as in Notepad
  • Write down questions, One question per line, order does not matter, tool will randomize them and pick 10 of them only
  • After the question, in that same line, put the beam |
  • In same line, after the beam, put the answers, also separated by beams
  • Correct answer should be first answer in that list, again tool will randomize those answers, so no worry
  • To pick a picture for each question, make sure you have an image named with same question order in list, like 2.png for 2nd question in list
  • Save and try it out