Theme switcher for Bootstrap 4+


Add ability to switch Bootstrap 4+ theme for your website..
This was a template for me to create websites from, then it evolves into aa switcher, used when I was working with Bootstrap 3, then developed this final one to use in Bootstrap 4+

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Current version:
Jan 2020
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77416 (type1)
Online functions, sites or tools
ASP Classic
Classic ASP website (aka vbscript)


Theme switcher for bootstrap 4+, use as your own to allow admin users change the theme as they wish, or allow users to select their own theme for their pages
Can have the Navbar and footer changed with selected theme automatically, new themes added as I found them.
  • Ability to change Navbar and footer for each theme
  • Bootstrap elements and typography from within theme (below theme list)
  • Classic ASP files
  • Bootstrap 4.4 and Font-Awesome 5.0
  • Uses Bootstrap and Font-Awesome cdns