Comment un-comment lines quickly in VBE
Visual studio has CTRL+K, C and CTRL+k, U (keeping CTRL down, and pressing K then C or K then U) to comment and un-comment line or lines
VBE for VBA does not have that.

After getting used to quickly comment these lines in .NET, wanted to have the same in VBE.
The issue is that you do not see those commands in menu, only in toolbar
So we can now here add these commands to menu and assign shortcut to them too
That is what I did and I am using it since then

I used &1 since I wanted the shortcut to be ALT+E,1 for commenting, and ALT+E,2 for un-commenting

You can use any key here, just keep in mind to use something not used in the Edit menu (if you dropped it in Edit)

Just wanted to share this!!

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