The mouse

So the winner mouse costs only $19.99 ??
For a while now, I have been refusing to use other than the best mouse in the market.

If you remember, I had some posts about trying lots of mice the past 5 years, small, cheap, ergonomic, multi-buttons, gaming, I mean tons

Turns out the one that I love so far, costs $19.99 from Amazon

Yes, it is Logitech, yes it has 9 buttons, the sad news it is wired, not wireless
What I needed is a mouse that is wireless, at least 8 programmable buttons, 2 or more have to be next to left and right clicks.
Usually, the Logitech G700s is perfect

But it kept breaking on me, I have now 4 of them, broken
And now, they cost $200, and some people selling it with $500

So, I returned to ground, these days, I cannot afford that, so I looked and looked, and here it is, my hero

Logitech G300s

And these are the settings I used for these buttons
mouse logitech amazon g700s g300s